San Juan Moda: Edzel Giovanni

On the same night as OF Atelier’s presentation, we got to witness EDZEL GIOVANNI’S “JULIET” S/S 2014.

The show featured some great metallic blue pieces as well as some beautiful flowy garments. While at times very fresh and modern, sometimes the pieces or styling looked a little outdated or matronly.  That was my  biggest issue with this collection. At moments you had a cool, modern girl walking down the runway and then it looked like an older woman would be wearing it.

Same thing happened to me with the print. I kinda love it but I kinda hate it. I feel like my mom has pieces with prints like that in her closet and they look way better/more appropriate. It read kinda old to me at some points. Specially, the look that was the printed top with the sequined skirt modeled by Yulie Padilla. I love her, but it made her look older and boxy. I think it had something to do with the length of the skirt and the cut of the top. Some of the other printed pieces were more successful, like the maxi skirt.

I really liked how he played with cuts, silhouettes and proportions. For example, the white romper/dress outfit at the beginning had a beautiful cut on the thighs. LOVED THAT!  I also really liked the metallics. You see, metallics are IN and the blue he chose was beautiful. It especially worked on the grey chiffon top with the metallic blue piping, the cigarette pants –she was SO tall!!!- and the pant suit, which I thought had a really cool and modern cut with nice detailing on the collar.

The grey garments, looked classy and modern and could work for a number of occasions, from work to cocktail parties to a night out or a fashion event. I really loved the grey cocktail dress with the halter neck modeled by Larissa Santiago – NO, she didn’t fall this time- It looked so sexy yet chic.

Now, let’s talk about the tiered pieces. I think I understand the concept of multiple tiers and the sheer base, but THAT WON’T WORK FOR ANYBODY!! You have to be a model to pull it off and even then, some of them didn’t! I actually, really liked the one modeled by Melanie Rivera, which had the sheer skirt with just one metallic ruffle. As for the other 2, I prefer the long dress to the short one but still, NO GIRL WANTS TO WALK OUT WITH HER HOO-HA SHOWING! Same thing goes for the red one with the bra showing.

Finally, what was up with the sheer top thing over the 2 sequined gowns?! I kinda liked the closing gown with the multicolored sequins but I think it looked SO matronly on the piece modeled by Priscilla Huggins. It might have worked if it was sleeveless like the gown with the iridescent sequins. But still, no me gusta! 

Top 3:

  • The blue gown with the architectural bodice. So pretty and cool!
  • The white top and skort/romper with the gorgeous cut on the thighs
  • Sequined cocktail dress modeled by Gretchen Capó. It had some very cool details on the bodice. It looked kinda skeletal!

*Honorable mention to the black dress with the beaded top. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but the top looks pretty. 

Now for the worse 3:

  • The printed top with the sequined skirt modeled by Yulie. It really was my least favorite during the show
  • The Edzel Giovanni tank OMG!! That was so ugly! I get being excited about your logo and brand, but it just didn’t work!
  • The peplum top with the sequined skirt Again, it looked old plus the length of the skirt was too long. 

I really liked Edzel Giovanni’s Juliet and also thought it was one of the best strongest during the week. Do you agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments!




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